Inventory Ailes, Rack, Shelves and Bins

Dear All

My client is looking to manage his warehouse with following details

Warehouse: Dubai | Ailes 01, 02, 03, 04 | Rack 01, 02, 03, 04

Each rack contains 4 shelves and each shelf have 2 bins. Client is not using pallet transport

This warehouse have only one picking location. (How I create this picking location above details cover this or not? )

1- Now my question is Where the items arrive first when i create the arrival journal ? What is standard business practice for receiving the item in warehouse?

1(B) How system propose me the empty locations in warehouse so that I place my Items while posting item arrival journal?

1(C) How I transfer my material to bulk location through transfer journal? or shall I receive material directly at bulk location?

2- If picking location is for shipment then what is the purpose of outbound dock? Is the outbound dock is same as picking location ?

3- Shall I use transfer journal to transfer the material from bulk location to picking location?


Ali Danish

4- There is one more thing called Input area … This is same place where my Item arrives first … Can I use directly bulk location as my input area? or is there any other standard way to receive inventory in warehouse and then transfer the inventory at bulk location?