Inventory Ageing Report - R3

Dear ALL,

in inventory ageing report, the following 4 fields are available in R3.

On-hand qty

On-hand value

Inventory value qty

inventory value

can anyone provide the difference between on-hand qty and inventory value qty

on-hand value and inventory value

Path : Inventory Management >> Reports >.> Status >> Physical Inventory >> Inventory Ageing


‘On-hand quantity’ shows the On-Hand quantity by the item dimensions which you have chosen to display on the report.

‘Inventory value quantity’ shows the quantity of the item by the item dimensions which you have chosen, BUT ONLY FOR DIMENSIONS WHICH HAVE ‘FINANCIAL INVENTORY’ TICKED ON THE STORAGE OR TRACKING DIMENSION GROUP.

If you look at the brief description of the Inventory aging report here, you’ll also find a link to a 35 minute video about the report on InformationSource:

Note - InformationSource will be decommissioned on 31st Dec. I don’t know if the video also exists somewhere else.

I have attempted to attach a screen shot of an example. The Item M0001 has ‘Site’ and ‘Warehouse’ Active with ‘Physical inventory’ ticked, but only ‘Site’ has ‘Financial inventory’ ticked. If I run the report with only Site showing, both quantities and values are the same. If I run the report with Site and Warehouse showing, the ‘On-hand’ columns show at the Warehouse level, but the ‘Inventory value’ columns show only at the Site level.

Thanks for providing more insight on the report…