Inventory Adjustment "Number Sequence 0 does not exist"

I perform an Inventory Adjustment and when I post the transaction I get the “Number sequence 0 does not exist”.

I have removed the number sequence and re-added it and it still occurs.

I’m patched to the current version.

I’m out of ideas. Anybody have any suggestions?

Please go through this

Check the number sequence scope. This is known issue.

I am not 100% sure but we got solution by changing the scope to shared from Company (or Company to shared). Try this.


I found the problem regarding the ‘Number Sequence 0 does not exist’. I found that my Voucher Series on the Journal Name was set to Unknown. I deleted and recreated the Journal Name and used the correct voucher series that is in the Number Series for the Inventory Jounral. Once I did that the error went away.

Now when I post the Inventory Adjustment I get two new errors that I can’t find a solution on.

  • Account number for transaction type Inventory, inventory receipt does not exist.
  • Account number for transaction type Inventory, inventory profit does not exist.

I go to the Item Group for this item and both have a valid Account Number and are active and not suspended.

Any suggestions on this new issue?

Thanks again.

Solution: Once I activated the account structures all my issues went away. General Ledger > Setup > Chart of Accounts > Configure Account Structure.

Thanks all for your help.