InventDim.ConfigId Description value display method on a table - how to add it


How to add Configuration Id - Description field to InventDim as a display method which would find Configurations Name or Description ? (better it would be description)

what i want to achieve: I want that InventProductDimensionLookup form would have a description field in first tab by the configId (configuration name), I`m using AX 2012 R3

What is your actual problem? You don’t know how to create display methods? Or how to find a configuration from its ID? Or what?

the actual problem is i know how to get description of configuration if i have product recid, but how to get a configuration description from table level instead of form (from Inventdim table level), currently i have this code in display method on a datasource of a form, but i want to have it on table level as while its on DS level it behaves strangely, doesnt work, code is below: But if its possible some other way to do this it would be ok too,

currently it only shows first configuration from the lookup description in all the rows if i use this in display method in datasource (InventDim) of a form (InventProductDimensionLookup)

EcoResConfiguration ecoResConfiguration;
EcoResProductMasterConfiguration ecoResProductMasterConfiguration;
EcoResProductMasterDimValueTranslation ecoResProductMasterDimValueTranslation;

select firstOnly * from ecoResConfiguration where ecoResConfiguration.Name == InventDim.configId
		    join ecoResProductMasterConfiguration where ecoResProductMasterConfiguration.Configuration == ecoResConfiguration.RecId &&
                                                        ecoResProductMasterConfiguration.ConfigProductDimensionAttribute == EcoResProductDimensionAttribute::inventDimFieldId2DimensionAttributeRecId(fieldNum(InventDim, ConfigId)) &&
                                                        ecoResProductMasterConfiguration.ConfigProductMaster == InventTable::find(element.inventDimSetupObject().callerItemId()).Product
            join ecoResProductMasterDimValueTranslation where ecoResProductMasterDimValueTranslation.ProductMasterDImensionValue == ecoResProductMasterConfiguration.RecId;

return ecoResProductMasterDimValueTranslation.Description;

OK, i have managed to do it from the DS level on this form, will post code later, maybe problem was that i wasnt using InventDim _inventDim as parameter in display method, once i used it started showing right values, but on this form for some reason i only start seeing values in this description field if i switch tabs between Configurations → Onhand → Configurations