Invalid Request Body CorrelationId:

I’ve got an API that is supposed to write records to a staging table which will then be processed.

When I test the API via Postman, I get the "Invalid Request Body CorrelationId: " error.

is there a log that I can look at to find the cause of the issue as the error isn’t massively helpful! All of the fields on the API page are text so its not a data type issue and the entity/entity set are definitely unique… Help!!!

Hi @Steve_Simpson_Ipsum,

The “CorrelationId” is not part of the error message, the error message is “Invalid Request Body”… this means that there is something incorrect in your body part.

Best regards.

Hi @pjllaneras ,
Is there a way to understand what is the wrong part of the request?
I mean, if in the request there are several json fields it’s impossible to understand the wrong field with this so generic error…

completely agree that there must be a way of locating what particular aspect is causing the issue…

Hi @Umberto_Ballestrazzi,

As far as I know, there is no way to know what is wrong other than doing test-error changing the body until you find what is wrong.

And yes, it would be great to have a detailed information about what is wrong with body.