Invalid Column name error

I have added option field in a employee table “GradeDesc” when i run EMPLOYEE table it’s show error.


I am using nav 2013r2

Did you rename the fields? Did you check in SQL, that the field is actually there?

the field is not there.

Something similar happened to me once. Don’t exactly remember how it happened, but it was something about renaming the field. Have you tried to synchronize the tables? That was a new “feature” in NAV 2013 R2, and I’m sure it is related.

I think I ended up having to delete the table and add it again, it was not easy to get rid of. So I hope it is not in your production database?

Deleting table is not possible for me and to add it again is not possible for me.

So you did it in production? [:#]


Then make a backup of the database, and try what I say. Import the table as it was before and then create your field again. And of course make sure that you’re on the latest CU of NAV 2013 R2. This problem was as far as I know fixed, at least I never saw it again since.