Inv Valuation 3.70A-US are there any bugs?

Hi, I am having problems witht he Inventory valuation report in Navision 3.70A US Report-10139, I have version AVUS3.70.00.36. I know that this report has had a lot of issues, and multiple fixes, but I am not sure if this version is a good one. It could be a data issue, bt with a few million Item Ledger entries, Id like to first make sure I have a good report. The issue is that when I run valuation upto todays date, everything is fine, but if I back date a month or so, I start getting lots of discrepencies, such as Negative unit costs. I have expected costs on and auto posting to GL. Interestingly when running the Adjust cost, and the the Post Cost to G/L routines, nothing posts to the GL, which seems to impl that the data is good, since otherwise I would expect some adjustments. Its a pure Warehouse Install, no manufacturing. Thanks in advance.

Hi David. One thing I have seen with 3.70 is that if You back date, let’s say You wan’t to adjust costs until the last of june and the current date is mid july, You need to set the workdate to the last of june. Adjustments of transactions in a closed date (closed with “allow posting from” in G/L Setup) will be posted on workdate. Therefore it will be wrong if You have Your workdate in july because You really wan’t these postings in june I guess. Otherwise I have not seen any problems (at least when using FIFO). Rgds /Lars

The issue is that I am getting negative unit costs when I run the report back dated a month or so. It looks like something similar to what ou are suggesting above, in that adjustments were done inthe wrong dates, and tis is scewing the numbers, but in any case, negative nit costs just shouldn’t happen.

Another thing that seems to cause issues is the applications. I have seen where the Posting Date on the Item Application Table is different than the Item Ledgers. This sometimes causes issues on the report (I don’t know about negative costs, but possibly).

Hey Chris, basically yes this is the issue. I spent quite a few hours trying to review data and check where the issue is, and still cant decide how to define this. It is clear that the report is reporting the data as it is, but the quesstion is should it be giving more realistic reporting. Its pretty clear that adjustments should not be poseted into closed periods, but then of course (especially with expected cost posting), the numbers are always going to be out of sync over periods. I found it quite odd that when I started to debug the report to find a variable “debug” that was just where I needed it and doing just what I wanted, so I guess even Navision haven’t finished debugging this one. Anyway, the report is reporting the correct numbers, but I am still not convinced that it is correct, I think a method of reporting discrepancies is required. (much like the estimated values in parenthesis in older versions).

The AdjustItemLedgerEntryToAsOfDate function in this report uses item application entries and the posting dates of the associated item ledger entries to calculate the quantity remaining as of the specified date. It also uses the posting date of the value entries to calulate the value as of the specified date. The problem is that the posting date of the value entries does not always match the posting date of the item ledger entries. You can observe this with the following simple example. 1. Create a new item with FIFO costing method 2. Create a purchase order for 10 units of the item with direct unit cost of 1.00, post the receipt with a posting date of 6/1/05 3. Create a sales order for 10 units of the item, post the shipment and invoice with a posting date of 6/5/05 4. Run Adjust Cot - Item Entries with a posting date of 6/5/05 5. On the purchase order created in step 2, re-open it, change the direct unit cost for the item to 1.20, and post the invoice with a posting date of 6/10 6. Run Adjust Cot - Item Entries with a posting date of 6/10/05 7. Run report 10139 (Inventory Valuation) for the item with an “as of” date of 6/8/05; the report shows 0 remaining quantity with an inventory value of -2.00 The problem here is that according to the item application entries and the related item ledger entries there is indeed no remaining quantity of the item as of 6/8. However, the value entry related to the invoicing of the purchase is dated 6/10, but the adjustment to the sale that results from this purchase invoice is dated 6/5 (to match the posting date of the original sale) and therefore the value of the inventory includes the adjustment to the sale (on 6/5) but not the change in value of the purchase (on 6/10) creating the -2.00 inventory value as of 6/8. It is my opinion that this report cannot be fixed as the general approach is flawed. In fact, there is no data in the item ledger entries and value entries that will enable a correct “as of” report to be generated for this small set of data.

The odd thing is that the report is reporting the CORRECT numbers, I have no doubt of that, the issue is that it needs to show them differnetly. Clearly if I sell 2 items with a unit cost of $1.00 and I hav enot purchased them, then the correct inventory valuation is -$2.00. But in earlier versions of Navision, these numbers were always printed in parenthesis to indicate that they are only estimated values. Anoterh option in this case is to correctly take into account GRNI goods received not invoiced, or expected costs.

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