Hi everyone!

I’ve been a member of the community for a bit, but I’ve never formally introduced myself. My name is Jake Roder. I’m a Sr. Solutions Consultant at Dynamic Consulting in the Chicago area.

I focus on trade and logistics, BI and reporting, and master planning. I’ve been leading lots of sessions at AXUG Manufacturing Focus, Summit, and regional chapter meetings. In addition, I lead a couple of AXUG Academy training classes both in person and remotely.

I’d like to get more involved in the community to both meet new people and hopefully help some people out. I started using Dynamics AX 4.0 as a customer 5-6 years ago and want to try to give back to the community as much as I can.

See you all around!


Hi Jake,

Thank you for your introduction. The DUG user group is our members, so unless our members also “gives back” then there would be no community. And we always love new members who has a new set of eyes on things.

As you know, then we are upgrading, but after Sunday we will have an entire new website. That will finally allow me to start improving the overall use of DUG. So any imputs and helping hands are more than welcomed.

Just catch me on the new online chat. Same goes for all our members. If I’m online on the new site, then just write me a note to say hi. Eger to hear what you all think about the new site and what would could build it into.

Have a great weekend.

PS: Hopes that you get this message (have subscribed to emails updates on this post). We are offline from 2PM CET today. That’s 7AM your time, if I’m not wrong.