Introduction: Diptish Naskar

Hi To All,

I am Diptish Naskar, and working as a technical consulatant in an organization.

In my first encounter with Navision, it was really difficult to understand wherether this is called Navigation or something sounds like No - Vision[*-)]. Well the mystery was unreavealed till the time i got to see the training pdf. I am working with Navision for quite a long time and hope that my learning process will move on with this forum also.

welcome Diptish,

definitely you are in the right place to learn about Navision. Can I suggest you spend some time searching the site, the site has been around for 12 years, so there is a lot of information here. Also please if you find something useful using search, please add a comment to let the original poster know that it helped you. And of course ask as much as you like.