Introducing myself

Good morning/afternoon/evening to everybody,

I would like to introduce myself briefly. I am working for a chemical trading company with subsidiaries everywhere in the world. We recently rolled-out Dynamics NAV 4 in two of our companies and are about to provide another 16 companies with Dynamics NAV. I am the responsible project manager for the group, cooperating with a consulting company and local NSCs.

I am looking forward to learn from your experiences with NAV, esp. in the commercial and finance areas.



Good morning/afternoon/evening Joe,

Welcome to the user group and thank you for your introduction. It sounds almost like you’re doing the same as me. Rolling out NAV in a global organization? Are you using only external resources on the project or do you also have an internal team like you?

Thanks for your welcome, Erik. Up to now we have worked with external resources only, but as soon as the global rollout starts, I am sure that we will build up an internal project team also. BTW: I will take part in the MS Convergence in Copenhagen in October, are there any plans for a meeting of the Dynamics User Group during the conference?