Interview Questions

Dynamics AX Interview Questions

  1. Why Cross- Reference Used?

  2. what is Application Hierarchy Tree?

  3. what are the applications used in AX it wil run in client side or Server side ?

  4. what are the Customizations to live Applications in AX ?

  5. What is the Pack and Unpack definations?

6.why Select Statement used in Query Only and what are Query, Query, Query Run, Query Build Data Source, Query Range?

  1. what is the difference between the Auto Report and Generated Report?

  2. What is the use of Synchronization in Ax ?

  3. what is the Map?

10.what is the difference between Serilization & non-Serilization?

11what is the Polymorphism? how it works in AX?

12.what is the function overloading & function overriding?

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what is the map in Dynamic AX

This enables to use the same field name to access fields with different names in different tables. Map methods enable to create or modify methods that act on the map fields.

A table can be accessed through more than one map.