Interpreting a 2 digit year in a date field

When a date with a 2 digit year is typed into Navision (such as 01/01/20), Navision will interpret this as being 01/01/2020. We have a situation where we want the two digit year to be interpreted otherwise. We want the 01/01/20 to be interpreted as 01/01/1920. We have changed the date settings in windows Regional settings. (Where it is specifying how 2 digit dates should be interpreted), but this does not seem to effect how Navision works. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks

Hi, this is a partly copy from the Navision Attain help file: ---- snip ---- Entering Dates How you enter dates depends on the settings that have been selected in the Regional Options window in the Windows Control Panel. You can enter dates with or without separators. In a date field you can enter two, four, six or eight digits: If you enter only two digits, the program will interpret them as the day, and it will add the month and the year of the work date. If you enter four digits, the program will interpret them as the day and the month, and it will add the year of the work date. If the date you want to enter is in the range 01/01/1930 through 12/31/2029, you can enter the year with two digits; otherwise, enter the year with four digits. However, if you are using Windows 2000 as your operating system you can determine this date range yourself. This is done by adjusting the Calendar setting on the Date tab in the Regional Options window in the Control Panel. ---- snip ---- However, please state your Navision version and/or Windows version next time. Kind regards Walter

Thanks Walter, I realised after I should have included some details I was trying this on a windows 98 machine. I have now tried it on a W2K machine, and it works the way I would expect it to there.