internal error 9 occurred in module 24

internal error 9 occurred in module 24 when trying to print a Sales Order.

NAV 2009 SP1

“The solution to this problem is very simple. No temporary file is created because the windows temp map is full. Empty the temp map and the error disappears”

Where is the temp map located… what directory we are running network printers (if that helps)


Is this just the users Temp folder? mm doesnt seem to be… We access NAV thru Citrix… Could this be a Temp Dir. on the terminal server

24 9 #Err_MT_RecordExisted (Module_MT,Err_Allowable(9))

Seems that this is due to a full temp dir. guess i am going to have the citrix admin complete this

I am having the same problem, did you ever find out what temp folder needs to be cleared in citrix? I cannot find any info on this anywhere other than a temp dir is full.


You can go into tools then options, Temp file path should tell you where on your system the temp Dir is…

It was a massive head ache for me to get this resolved, I am glad I could help someone else out, let me know if that helps.