Internal error 2 in module 48

Hi there, I found this explication about internal error 2 in module 48: 48-2 #Err_Zup_PutDataSize (Module_Zup,Err_Fatal(2)) I aleady removed the ZUP-file but the error consists (on a form) Anybody who can interprete the message ? Thanks in advance, Ria

Hi Ria, what i found in the old Service System is: Some possibilities to get rid of the error: 1) Try and delete the zup file 2) Examing what filters and keys are set on the window, decrease eventually the filter hope that helps br Josef Metz

I think, that you have some long filter on the form and Navision is trying to save it… (something like as you have text with length 250 and want to save there filter from some field, but the filter is longer)

Thanks both Josef and Kamil : the error was indeed caused bij a long filter! Ria

@Ria Where did you find explanation for that error? I have pretty often errors (ofcourse, diff. module, diff. error but) and I want to “investigate” what’s wrong…

Thanx, I found it allready :smiley: