Internal Error 2 in module 48

We often recieve this error-message on 1 or 2 PC’s. It is when they try to run a report. I have to delete the .zup-file “clean up” but the users dislike that (and I understand that). Does anyone knows what this error is about? Thanx

Are you sure it’s not module 24 instead of 42? There are no module 42, but 24 is module MiniTree, which has to do with the internal indexing in the .ZUP file. This error COULD occur because the .ZUP is written to an area on the local harddisk, that are not reported faulty by the operating system - but actually are faulty. Maybe try to move the .ZUP files on the machines to a network drive (using the ID parameter). Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S

The Error code was “Internal Error 2 in module 48”. I thought that the .zup file should be in the Navision Folder. Can You use the ID parameter on the local client “Property”?

This is strange, as there is no module 48 as far as I know. I suggest that you contact your NTR. Regarding physical placement of the .ZUP file, you will find the information you need in the Installation & System Management manual. Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S

Hi, error 2 in module 48 is … #Err_Zup_PutDataSize (Module_Zup,Err_Fatal(2)) The Client seems to have a problem to write into the zup-file. I’m afraid you have no other chance than to delete it. I found no further explanation. Sorry.

The zup-file has to be saved locally on the user’s PC. Use the parameter temppath=C:\temp, but don’t forget the last backslash ( \ ), because NF stores the .zup-file in C:\ otherwise.

There is nothing that says that You have to store the zup on a local disk. It’s no problem to store it in the home directory on a File Server. So that shouldn’t be the problem.

Thanks for the replies! I have tried several times to reinstall the client on this particular PC but this problem keeps coming back. The .zup file is local on the machine in the c:\Program files\Navision Financials directory (std. directory). Maybe I should try and have a look on the PC itself…

Do the user have rights on the c:\program files - directory ? this may be the problem : User rights

I have a similar problem. I get internal error 2 in module 40 when running report. Also occasionally Navision will close on it’s own, but other programs don’t close. The client is running version 2.6.B US on windows 2000 client on a 2000 server. Lew Hope Parente Technology