Internal Error 1312 in Module 19

Does anybody know what Internal Error 1312 in Module 19 means? Is there a reference guide available where I can look up the meaning of error messages?

19 1312 #Err_DB_SlaveNotStarting DB_Err(1312)

Hi, What version of Navision are you using? Have you pin pointed the error? I remember having a big problem with 1312 in 19 with a native 3.6 Let me look back through my notes, but I think MS released a code fix for it.

The error means that slave.exe cannot start. This means SlaveNotStarting. Here is some information from Denmark: The error means that slave.exe cannot start. Slave.exe is used when commitcache is enabled and if slave.exe has not successfully started within 10 seconds this error occur of it slave.exe cannot start from some other reason. When this happens an errormessage i written into DBMS_ERR.LOG. It would be very usefull for us to get the contents of this errorlog. We have discovered that sometimes slave.exe is not able to start when e.g. MS Word is started. In this case, start Financials first and then MS Word… This may be a workaround, but I would still appreciate to see the contents of the DBMS_ERR.LOG. hope this helps …i found this response from other source