Internal error 100 in modul 11.

While opening a (customized) budgetform, the system starts to think, because we put some extra filters in this screen. In the time you switch screen (while the system is thinking) from Navision to, for example, your e-mail, the following error message appears: “Internal error 11 in modul 100. [13][13].” On the site I found this description: 11-100 #Err_Att_Undefined (Module_Att,Err_Allowable(100)). I know this means an error in one of the attributes. But how can I find what attribute? Can somebody tell me more about this?

Export the modified object to text, and post the object text to this thread, therefore we can examine the changes that are driving the crash.

Hello Alan, Thanks for your response. I think it will be difficult for you to examine the object because the code used is all in dutch. Maybe you can give me a hint where I can find the the error that causes the crash?

The problem is that this error can occur in loads of different places although navision claim to have fixed it ages ago… I found that we got this error quite consistently if Navision was the active window, was then made the inactive window, and then the active window again… An example of this would be if you were opening a shell window from navision code, exuting a command line in the shell window and then closing the shell window, therefore making Navision the active window again. The same can happen if you are switching back and forth between email messages… Hope this helps in someway…