Interfacing with FoxPro

My Solution Center has a prospect who has developed a sales-ordering system in FoxPro which they would like to keep using. How do I go about linking one to the other? Also, where can I find some materials to train myself to use OCX & ODCB? Thanks, Tim Horrigan ------- Tim Horrigan

Hi Tim How do you plan to integrate the FoxPro sales-ordering system into Navision? Should it be an on-line solution between Navision and FoxPro, or do you just need to import the old data into Navision? If you just want to import the old data into Navision, I have made a small conversion tool enabling you to convert dBase files into text files suitable to import into Navision using a dataport. If you want an on-line system a OCX/ODBC solution of course is the choice to take. Unless FoxPro have an Automation control, that makes it possible for you to use from within Navision. This is just some small hints. Regards Andreas L.

My boss finally told me a little bit more about what our prospect has in mind. I now know that they want data to flow in BOTH directions— however, they are willing to do this as a batch process rather than as a live link. --Timothy Horrigan ------- Tim Horrigan

Hi again The two-way batch solution doesn’t sound too difficult to make. Try the utilities posted by me at the download area at They are able to convert dBaseIII/IV to text and back again. Of course, if you use a dBase(FoxPro) version greater than IV, you have no use of my tools. If you on the other hand find the tools useful, I would be happy to give you the original Perl source code. Just post a message on this forum. Regards Andreas L:

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, the prospective client who wanted the interface between FoxPro & Navision is going with Great Plains instead :frowning: --Tim Horrigan