Interested in taking the DA-100 exam

I am interested in taking the DA-100 exam. I’m kind of new to Power BI and have no idea how much time would it take to prepare for the exam. Do you see analysts using power bi more or technical people?

If you are completely a novice, you shouldn’t take it. But taking the exam as a novice is also a great way to get acquainted with Power BI because DA-100 is a thorough exam. You will need to spend time in the tool and dedicate time to prepare for the exam.

  1. Better to get really good at understanding PBI and the only way to get it is to really use it day in and day out.

  2. The certification is in many ways of very little value, mainly because MS releases a new version with new features every month.

  3. if you are doing this for career progression then I really wish you all the best and would recommend you go after it with all your might… just remember though that the recruiter/interviewer will also know that the certification will only tell them that the person (you) have superficial knowledge.

Microsoft has some online classes to follow. The labs are the best part. Also note that the quizzes are far more simplistic than anything you will find on the exam, so don’t use them as a reference for your preparation.

Make sure you check the free Microsoft Learn modules at the very bottom of the page for the exam:

Some of them have pretty good labs. They are geared towards testing in Azure, but usually have instructions on how to do it on your own machine.

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Well I’m not novice in PowerBI. I do have a little experience. But yeah, you’re absolutely right. Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll start preparing for the exam from the basics because I’m planning to make career in PowerBi.