hi 2 all

i want information about INTERCOPANY. Please send me in detail how to configure for inter company in AXAPTA.

Hi gnanendra,

In detail, u get some help from Axapta guide.

For summary,

Intercompany, means that u can share ur table data within more than one company.That company, we say virtual company.

For that, u have to craete a Table Collection, select the tables, u want to share data from, in that table collection.

In Virtual Company form , select that table collection, and select companies, in which u want to share those tables of table collection.

say, u want to share data within 2 companies: comp1 and comp2.

So select comp1 and comp2 in Virtual company form, and select that table collection.

Note : field dataareaid of the table contains the current company.And axapta, filters records on the basis of that field to show record in currently selected company.But when u r using virtual company, the dataareaid field of the virtual company table contains the virtual company id.The virtual company tables’ shows all records that have dataareaid = virtual company account.

When u create a virtual company and selects a table collection with that. It will not show previously saved records.

Hope it will be beneficial to u…