Intercompany timesheet posting problem related with accounting distribution

Hello, everybody!

We faced the problem with intercompany timesheet posting in AX 2012 R2 CU7


  1. We have 2 LE (LE1 and LE2) that are united on the one level of LE hierarchy

  2. There are setups in General ledger (Posting -Intercompany ), Project management and accounting (Setup - parameters - Intercompany and Setup - posting profile and Setup - prices). Totally the same as the settings we have in Demo base, where everything works correctly.

  3. When I post TS from LE1 to LE1 everything is OK. As it should be

  4. When I post TS from LE1 to LE2 in “Accounting distribution” we have transaction with account of LE1. Not LE 2 as it should be.

  5. So, after that, I post TS, status is changed to “Posted”

BUT: There is NO Transaction in “Hour transaction” (form). There are no project transactions. Neither in LE1 (hour) nor in LE2 (cost). As they should be.

We think it can be because of some Global intercompany settings.

Maybe someone had the same problem or has guessing about solving this one)

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Make sure you have setup the following

  1. Cost price of the worker in lending entity,

  2. Transfer price of the worker in lending entity,

  3. Sales prices of the worker in Borrowing entity,

  4. Intercompany cost account should be specified in borrowing company’s Project ledger posting setup, and

  5. Intercompany revenue account should be specified in lending company’s Project ledger posting setup.

After doing the above, make sure that for intercompany timesheets, the “Batch planning rule” ( in GL parameters) should be same in all entities.

I trust that the above would help.


Thank you for you answer,

I’ve checked everything one more time. These settings seems to be Ok.

Maybe, it doesnt work because MS added intercompany invoicing in CU7 and smth was injured?

I hope it’s because of settings))