Intercompany Sales Orders in Nav 2013

Hi Forum, I have never had to use the intercompany function before now so have been learning how it works using a 2009 manual and I am a bit confused about how it behaves when raising Sales Orders and I am wondering if the manual might be incorrect. I raise a Sales Order in the US system and send an IC Confirmation which I then send via the IC Outbox. I then accept it in the UK system via the IC Inbox. If the user choose to accept it, a Purchsae Order is then created. Meanwhile, back in the US system, the Sales Order is invoiced and another IC transaction is generated and if this too is sent to the UK company and they accept it, they end up with both a Purchase Order and a Purchase Invoice for the same thing. I am I missing something here. Many thanks Paul

Hi Paul

I have the same question as you posted here. Why create an order and invoice for the same transaction?

Did you work it out?



Hi Michael, I found an article on Partnersource which said that when the sales order is processes, cancel the transaction in the outbox so you don’t end up with both and order and an invoice for the same thing.

Hi Paul,

Mind sharing a link to that article? [:)]

Hi Erik, Partnersource seems to be playing up at the moment so I cannot find you a link but I just went into Support, Knowledge Base and put a search in something along the lines of Intercompany orders or intercompany process. Paul