Intercompany Multi-Plant Items

How do I set up an item that requires production efforts from multiple plants before completing?

If the BOMs are setup properly then master planning will take care of all of this for you. A top level item, call it “Item Master” is produced at Site A. Item Master is comprised of 3 smaller assemblies, produced each at different Sites B, C, and D and their BOMs call these sites out per item.

When a Production Order is created for “Item Master”, orders for the smaller assemblies are also generated and can begin at those respective sites and then be transferred to Site A for final assembly.

Of course, if instead you start at Site 1, send to Site 2 for additional efforts, and then on to Site 3 type of scenario, routes may be a better way of handling this than via the BOM.


Thank you for your suggestion. BOM seems to also consider raw material, costing…and we do not currently have this module. Is there another way around? We usually have no more than 2 plants involved.