Intercompany Dimension

Hi!. I am trying to understand how we need to configurate the intercompany dimension, I follow up this link Set Up Intercompany Transaction Posting - Business Central | Microsoft Learn

But we stil having error at the moment to try to post the invoice in the company that receive it.
Situacion> company 1 send a invoice to company 2. In company to, we acept the invoice but once we need to book it… we got and error.> " Dimension values does not existe’
We fill the intercompany dimension table, the dimension table… and i dont understand what ir wrong… So any help will be very helpfull. maybe if someone can help me to undertadn how should we need to set up those table ; Intercompany Dimension And Dimension in company 1 and company 2.

Thank you in advance !! for your help!

I think this might get more responses on the Business Central Forum here: Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV - Dynamics User Group


Good Luck!