Inter-company Workflow

Please can someone confirm if we can achieve inter company workflow approvals.

For example PO raised in one entity and required to be approved in another entity or raised and approved PO in one entity and simultaneously required to be approved in other entity too.

If yes, then kindly guide me on steps.

Advise awaited.

I dont believe so, the nature of the IC chain is that the PO is approved on creation because the sales order is driving it. Not sure I actually get your chain though, in entity 1 you raise a SO, this will create the PO in entity 1 and the SO in entity 2 to fulfill. You do not get a SO in entity 1 and then the PO in entity 2, it would not fulfil it. Yes there could be a PO in the original one in entity 2 to fulfil the SO and that could be subject to approval, but not the PO driving the fullfillment of the IC SO.

Thanks Adam, this has been very helpful!!

Marking the thread as answered.