Inter Company Transactions

Can we track the goods in transit in case of inter company scenario, where the PO is received as SO in the inter company and the goods are shipped but not received.

We still want to keep a track of such goods as in transit inventory and calculate in our stock. How can this be handled?


Create a Transfer Order Company 1A to Company 1B - you can see transfer in In-Transt


Do Customzation on

1.PO & SO add a new feild InterCompany True.

2.Desgin new from which as PO only of intercompnay

  1. Create PO - Check the Value(Inter Compnay) Company 1A Company 1B - open new from created on step 2.

5, make SO of that

create a new report as per ur customzation showing inventory of Intercompnay

hope this should help you