Inter-Company Sales Order Functionality in 4.0

I’ve read that in 4.0 there’s a functionality that allows you place a Sales from a Company and replicate it to another company which is in the same DataBase. Do you think that it’s possible to downgrade this functionality from 4.0 to 3.6 We’re unable to get our end on a 4.0 yet as it’s still in BETA and I work for a end-user

Hi, We haven’t yet received version 4.0.

Looking at 4.0 there is quite a lot of new functionality and a few new object types. I would say that it would not be easy to “downgrade” back to 3.60. But however it would be easy ( and easy is subjective answer) to replicate/copy the functionality back into 3.60. Last year we had a customer who just could not wait for 4.0 and lucky enough we got at least an high level look at what was coming and created the functionality in 3.60. Doing it such a way that they wont be orphaned if when 4.0 came out they decided to disconnect and use what what is now avilable. Yes it will mean that we will need to do a bit of work in the upgrade toolkit to move a few fields and yes it means that they will have to spend a few more dollars. But the ROI they got from going down this path was huge. So it was not an issue for them.