Inter-company orders and the Purchase order work flow

Hi All

i want to use the inter-company order and the purchase order approval workflow at the same time, is it possible.

Actually i tested it, and it is not working when i check mark the “activate change management” can anyone guide me on this like how i can achieve both the inter company orders and workflow.

Thanks in advance.

i Got the solution for this.

In The Procurement & Sourcing parameter, check mark the “Allow override of settings per vendor” and then go to the vendor which you want to bypass by the workflow, under “Purchase Order Default” fasttab check mark “override settings” under change management for purchase order section.

Can anyone suggest whether i am correct with the process or not.

In your original thread, you mentioned you wanted to use the workflow for intercompany orders. But, in the latest thread your intention seems you wanted to bypass the workflow? Not sure whether I missed something.

After all, if you want to override the workflow settings then you are looking at the right place. You can override your workflow setting for the company from the specified path.

yes, actually i want to use the workflow and once the workflow approved, the sales order created automatically. But i checked with the workflow it is not happening and also the giving the Message window that the "Activate change management " is active, so i thought may be workflow will not work with the intercompany orders.

But if we have the solution, that we can use the intercompany orders with the workflow it will be good.

Please advise me on this.