Intelligent Data Management Framework (IDMF) tool related query

We are implementing Microsoft Intelligent Data Management Framework (IDMF) tool at our client’s place. the intent was to archive the data from 2002 till 2013. initially we tried using the “ByFiscalPeriod” template, but it was observed that the template doesn’t archive the data for tables like CustTans and VendTrans. The template ha sits own set of pre-defrined rules which we cant modify.

So we decided to use individual archive templates for the tables and created logical templates by selecting CustTrans, VendtTrans, GeneralJournalAccountingEntry tables as driver tables and modified them by adding rules such as “Archive the data from tables where transdate is < 12/31/2013”. it did archive the data from tables but it archived the open transactions as well. That means if a vendor has an open transaction on 12/25/2013 then that also got archived which resulted in incorrect data in Source DB. The user wasn’t able to see the transaction and couldn’t make a payment against it.

Has anyone used the tool with AX 2012 FP CU7? is there any documentation available to create individual templates for archival which will allow carry forward of the balances of open transactions?

Any help is highly appreciated

-Tushar Joshi