Integration with Sharepoint 2013, MS Project and Office 365


This might be the wrong forum to post this question in so if the mods think there is another forum it fits better in, then just move it.

My thinking is the following. NAV is now being offered in MS cloud and if I understand it correctly, MS Project Server will also be offered in the new Sharepoint 2013 edition on Office 365 (I am a bit confused to the actual offereing, if MS Project will be available to purchase through Office 365 or if Sharpoint somehow runs MS Project). Anyhow, NAV now has very close connections to Office 365 in that you have a Sharepoint client, as well as that Excel and OneNote obviously works very well with NAV. So, is it fair to assume that Microsoft will look to create some sort of out of the box integrations between NAV and Project, for example by having connectors like between NAV and CRm or some other kind of integration?

Thank you for your help and thoughts.


Forum is fine, it’s really one of those questions that stands a bit outside of the other.

Well I think that’s it’s fair to assume that Microsoft is not going to create an out-of-the-box integration. If they did then it would be first time ever. It has been possible to integrate NAV and Microsoft Projects for years, but it’s never really been something a lot of customers have requested. If it was, then I’m sure we would have seen a lot of partner add-ons offering this. And all I have seen over the years is really only one or two, which have really become known in the community.

But I’m sure that if this becomes popular then we will see some kind of integration from ISV’s offering this.

Cool Erik! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!