integration with Pocket PC

Hi. Has someone developpe an integration between Navision and Pocket PC? Is possible download an example?

You can use a terminal server client or a web-interface. What specific functionality is requested?

I must develop module sales on pocket PC, but i don’t want to use terminal server. Isn’ t there other solution?

Write a simple software for the pocket PC to register your sales. You register them, export them on a desktop PC and import them in Navision, using dataports. All this is if you work with the pocket PC offline.

A very good solution is OrdersCE from the FARANDSOFT company. it works with a very similar business logic of Navision. more information in Doménec cots Tel: (93) 798.93.16

If you don’t want to use a terminal server, I would recommend a web interface. I have done that successfully with a Pocket PC 2003 (Windows CE 4.2).

Danish company Expandit ( have specialized in these solutions.