Integration of CAD with Microsoft navision

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Can we integrate CAD with Navision. Are there any implmetations in India?Pl let me know the details of implementatin and how to do that?

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One of our clients is also using CAD to build broadcasting buildings and I’m guessing you want all the parts used to build the items to be loaded into NAV as BOM?

Yes. and expecting it should be dynamic to the changes that are taking place.Pl let me know how to integrate this with Navision. Any further information pl provide me.

I did this 10 years ago with Autocad2000 and Navision 2.x

You can connect to Autocad with Automation control and scan for all used blocks. These are nested inside Autocad and can be extraced into a bom structure.

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You might want to take a look at our CAD-ERP data integration system:

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