Integration error between AX 2009 & D365 F&O

Hello All, We are currently performing integration from D365 F&O to AX 2009 through WCF service for multiple tables. When performing transactions, sometimes it starts giving error “The requested operation cannot be performed because you are not logged on to Microsoft Dynamics”. Sometimes it gets resolved after a while on it’s own, other times it stays for days. We are unable to find the root cause for this issue. If anyone has ever faced this error previously, kindly let us know how we can find the root cause of the issue.

For e.g., When updating production order, we get error as shown below.


Do you have a good reason for implementing communication in this direction? It means connecting from cloud to your on-premise system, which is relatively complicated and security sensitive, and you depend on the old and already unsupported functionality of AX 2009. Namely you seem to have a problem with Business Connector, which you can avoid completely by communicating in the other direction (D365FO doesn’t contain Business Connector anymore).

Thanks Martin. It was a requirement which we couldn’t avoid. We resolved the issue by hosting different services for 2 environments that we were using. It seems that one business connector getting a response from 2 different D365 systems was causing the problem. Having 1 business connector per system was what solved the problem.