Integration advice needed

I’m in the early phases of learning about AX (2009), and I am trying to research the best approach for integrating AX with an external Warehouse Management System. I would like to have AX send item master updates, customers, vendors, sales orders, etc. to the WMS when new items are added or updated in AX. I’ll also need to send order fulfillment and inventory transactions from the WMS up to AX.

I’ve been reading up on AIF and web services, and I believe this is probably the way to go, but my understanding of all the potential integration techniques is still somewhat unclear. Is there a way I could set up AX to send, for instance, item data when it is created in AX to a custom web service whenever new items are created?

Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


Here is one place where you could start :

I would also recomend the book Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, there is quit a bit on AIF in that book.

I’m doing something similar, but in 4.0, where updates are not as provided for as in 5.0


Aif is the best choice. For your requirement you need to do some bit of work in x++ .Ineventory Item service is aleady availble in Ax. So you need to generate the xml or send to WMS after creating the new item in InventTable by using existing InventItemService. Mostly you can write the x++ code in in inventtable insert method.