Integrating ERP with store

Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to integrate ERP software with my shopify store? I’m new to ERP and the different softwares and services it offers but I’ve been advised to start using it earlier rather than later.

Are you using GP or another ERP?

I’m using GP only

Thank you!

Update: Hey so i spent the last couple of days on Google trying to find something that I could work with and I found this?
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One person who might be able to help you is Blair Christensen. He doesn’t have a DUG account yet; I’ll contact him on GPUG and ask him to chime in here.


Steve Erbach
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So yes, we did this. We have a currently running integration from Shopify. It was slightly painful. Here’s what we had to do.

  1. Create a PowerApp that would grab two reports from the Shopify site backend (API). The first was to grab the transactions. The second was to grab the payments so we could get the taxes and payment information. We set it to only grab information for payments which were flagged as “fulfilled.”
  2. Once we had all this information, we had to built a process to compare that information to what we already had (to eliminate duplicates).
  3. Next, the process would update transaction information (1) with payment and tax information (2).
  4. Then I built an SQL view for use by the Integration which only pulled up records which were ready to go.
  5. Next came the building of the integration itself. Here we had a quandary and ended up reversing course several times. At first, the salespeople wanted to put everything under one customer (called Shopify SHO100) but list the individual ship-to address of every customer, ie a distinct transaction in GP for each transaction in Shopify. That quickly got old as the number of transactions bogged down the integration. So we ended up consolidating into just a couple of entries and relying on reports from inside Shopify to do State retail taxes.
  6. Last was a short little script which flagged all of the processed invoices so they wouldn’t import again the next time the integration gets run.

You’re welcome to contact me directly for a tour.



Thank you for posting that process! I hope that it reaches @Sara_Nasreen.

And welcome to DUG!


Steve Erbach
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Hi, I have done this before. Using KingswaySoft add-in to SSIS to retrieve the data into SQL tables and then use eConnect stored procedures to create the SOP records… easy peasy.

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did you use SOP transactions or straight GL transactions
most importantly do you have inventory on GP?