Integrating dynamics ax with dotnet web application

Hi Friends,

I am totally confused how to integrate my new dotnet web application with existing dynamics ax

where to start,how to start ??

my requirement is to develop some functionality of ax(have 4 to 5 forms with grid) to dot-net web application.

it is funny but i have this question, can i transfer a form from ax to dotnet or only calsses

can i have to use AIF or Bussness connector tools or should i use direct sql server connection?

pls help me …!!



Right click your .net project and select the option “Add user control from AOT” . This will allow you to add your AX forms and several other elements.

hi lalit thanks for prompt response but i am not getting this options in my .net project.

can i have to install some tools or any other configuration is required



The answer depends on your exact requirements and also on the version of AX.

In general, you should avoid direct SQL queries and especially updates to AX database. Business Connector is one possible way, if the web server runs in your network. If it’s hosted somewhere else, use web services. AX2012 offers several types of services and all of them may be useful for you: system services (especially Query Service), document services (“classic” AIF) and custom services.

You can’t “transfer” any code from AX to .NET - you can call code in tables and classes via Business Connector and expose class methods as entry points of custom services. If you want to call code implement in a form, refactor it to a class or table method.

If you use AX2012, you’ll find lots of information in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Services and AIF White Papers.