Integrating axapta with dotnet

Hi Im Nalini,I have Technical backgrnd of MSCRM and my query is for axapta. I ts completely new for me.

The question is:- I want to integrate axapta with the dotnet applications…frm where I shud start???


Start with Business Connector (C#.NET).

There are lot of examples in developer help of Axapta which shows how to do CRUD operations using business connector and using classes. Go through them then it will be easy for you.

thanks for the reply,

I hav 1 more q,without using business connector,is it possible to integrate?

As Axapta has his own data format and data storing rules like number sequences, recid generation on all tables etc. You have to compulsory use the integration framework provided by Axapta like business connector or AIF Web Services.


by the way Business Connector is just one side of the story. With BC you can call AX functionality in your .NET code.

However if you want to call .NET functionality in AX code, then you can use references to .NET DLLs (which you can set up in AOT).


Hi Janis Cehovs,

Do you mean when we develop a class project from VS 2012 we add the class to AOT ?.

Hi Nalini,

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One more option - create necessary classes in AX and call this from .NET through BC. But obviously .NET BC will be deprecated eventually. See here for more integration options -

Yes, of course ! This is doable. However, I don’t know much about the possible limitations for this as I haven’t had that much to do with .NET calls in X++…

Thanks to all, currently im busy wid oder wrk,i wil cum wid my doubts soon…