integrate Oracle to Ax


What are the most reasonable ways to read data from Oracle and populate Ax tables on a regular basis?

I have to either pull data from oracle or push data from oracle to AX 2009. Need help in integrating Oracle with Ax 2009, if possible.

Hi Pankaj,

You have not mentioned details of integration.

In the past I worked on an integration for importing sales orders and payment transactions into AX 2009 from Oracle based system. We published AIF web service which the customer called from Java.

Hi Harish,

Thanks for Replying.

I have to import Vendor information (mandatory fields of Vend Table of Ax) from Oracle based system. For achieving this I need to integrate Ax with Oracle, Please suggest something.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Harish,

I have to integration between oracle and AX2012 through AIF.

My requirement is like this.

Oracle team will provide us Views and we have to update Vendor master in AX2012, Kindly let me know how we can achieve the same through AIF. Please revert ASAP.

Thanks in Advance.