Integrate AX 2009 with the SQL Server 2005 database

Hi all,

Can anybody share Ur thoughts and help me with the following:

Our company has an application for tracking projects (phases, tasks etc) and related staff. It uses the SQL Server 2005 db. We are introducing AX 2009 and want to have old and AX database synchronized (with the corresponding mapping of course). Means that if I change smth from AX it should go to the old SQL Server db, and vice versa - if I do some change from application - It goes to AX.

Can’t it be just db replication OR it should be some solution with business objects (like via BizTalk, AIF or business connectors). Please help with some details, links or tips.

  • Thanks in advance


I understand you want Ax to connect to two different databases based on some settings.

Fundamentals first -

  • If you look in DAX server configuration applet, that is where details like server name, database name etc are configured.
  • Based on those settings, AOS server initiates and holds connection to database.
  • For Ax client to work, details like AOS name etc have to be provided in the client configuration applet.
  • When Ax client is started, based on the above settings client will connect to AOS.

Moving away from fundamentals, DAX as with any other ERP has a very close relationship with backend. Any change - be it adding an Ax object, adding a record etc immediately gets synchronised with backend. These synchronisation are covered and guaranteed under a horde of regulations.

Based on above reasons, I don’t think you can get DAX working the way you want.