Integer Table

Hi, I have seen in so many reports in Navision where Integer Table (Data Item) has been used.I am not very clear about the exact functionality of Integer Table. Why it is required or used. Can anybody tell me the exact functionality of Integer table as well as when it is actually reguired.

Integer table data items are mainly used to print temporary tables in reports. The use of temporary tables in report depends a lot on your specific requirements but they are usually used to convert records from one table to another or inserting additional records to print. Another use of the integer table is to print a certain information exactly n-times, like number of copies of special footer or header sections. Report 205 is a good example that combines these 2 issues. The CopyLoop Dataitem refers the number of copies + orginal you want to print, RoundLoop prints in fact the sales lines, that have been prepared beforehand in a teomporary variable SalesLines. Saludos Nils

Think of the Integer Table as a DataItem you can use to write code behind that has no data (other that the sequence of numbers) to worry about modifying. Another use of Integer is well explained in the help on Matrix Boxes. Might give you a good idea on things it can be used for.