Installing Navision 4.0 on Windows 98 OS error

Hi all, Really appreciate if you guys can help on giving any tips to install Navision 4.0 on the Windows 98 OS. Been trying to install the apps a couple of times but still there’s a .DLL error and fin.exe file is corrupted error message appear. Is it true that you can only install Navision 4.0 on win2k and above OS? Is there any workaround to try to install it on 98 OS environment? Appreciate all the help and tips given. Thanks. Regards, Fairul Navision Developer - Malaysia

Yes, you will need Win2K or aove for Navision version 4

So, there is no other way you can install nav 4.0 in windows 98 OS, izzit? not even any workwournd to it? maybe install office 2002 and above?

There is no work-around.

Its pretty good that they still support Win2K, its getting on 6 years old now, so you really can’t expect too much else. If you really have a lot of 98 machines out there that just can not be upgraded, then why not just intall a terminal server, and run on that.

Yes … Terminal Client is only choice for win98 (it can be very good optimalization…)