Installing Microsoft NAV 2009 (Local Demo)

Deall All,

I have a demo CD for MN 2009, I want to install it locally in my laptop.

problem that each time I disconnect my Laptop from the company network I cant open NAV!

I donot want it to be connect to our company server, I want to have the CRONS database locally in my laptop for test purposes.

any idea what should I do?

Did you install demo version of NAV in your laptop or its already there?

I de-install it , because each time I install it it is connected to our company server. I heard that their is a possibility to have it fully installed locally?

Yes, you can…

May be your Server name and database names are pointing to server in Customsettings file

under C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Service

open the file and check DatabaseServer and DatabaseName…

but do you have database installed on your computer?

After unistalling the navision in your laptop, delete Microsoft Dynamics NAV folder under C:\Program Files (x86)

and install again…

I will do it now and inform you about the results :slight_smile:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 Build 32012

Error Report

SQL Server option

Cronus Sample Database for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

Fatal error during installation.

A database with name Demo Database NAV (6-0) already exists. Delete this database in SQL Server Management Studio, run setup.exe again, and then click Repair.

Created on “ZD-LAPTOP”

8/3/2012 1:52 PM

How to delete this data base?

Do you have SQl Server installed on your laptop?

If yes, open SQL Server management Studio under SQL Server folder of All Programs

Connect using your credentials

Expand Databases

Select Database and Right click and select Delete

I have:

SQL server Configration Manger

SQL Surface Area Configuration

SQL Erroe & Usage reporting

I canot find this database. should I de-install SQL server and re-install NAV again and the SQL will be installed with it?

May be NAV has installed SQL express version on your laptop

Search for the database under

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA

And delete the database or copy it to some other place (make sure it is demo database and nothing has done on the database)

under C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\

I have two folders with the names :



would you like to take a look with team viewer?


May be I have pointed you to wrong side.

as I said in my initial post, open the Custom settings file and change the database server and database name and try

Ok I opened the custom settings file with text pad

then I search for the database value it was names as (6-0)

I tried to change it but it said access is denied? any idea?

May be you didnt have permissions to modify…save the file in different place and replace in c drive…

i will try :slight_smile:

thanks so much

Btw, I ddi the fallwing:

1- deinstalled NAV

2- deleted all folders related to NAV

3- tried changing the custom services data base name

= Nothing worked, any other solution?

Now I installed it sucsussfully without any error, but each time I open it it says

any Idea?