Installing for different operating system language

Hi All, We have navision 3.70 A English & Turkish cd. Our consultant customer uses Danish Windows Xp. After installing navision from those cds we dont able to open a navision db. How could we install the navision from English or Turkish 3.70A cds. Thanks a lot

can you sent

What is the error ?

There will be problems with displaying specific Turkish characters (AFAIK you have some special chars in addition to “standart” Latin) if Win XP locale is Danish, but this can be solved. However, you state you can’t open the DB at all, that’s strange.

  1. Please quote the message you got, or does Navision simply go into Not responding… state ?
  2. What DB you tried to open? Can you open the DEMO DB (which was installed along with the program, unless you uncheck this option in setup) ?