Installing Dynamics NAV 2018 in client systems and configure to SQL server 2016 management studio in the server system.

Hi Team,

I have installed Dynamics NAV 2018 and SQL server 2016 management studio in the server which is working with some limitations (web client) URL of the web client (http:// ms-dynamics:8080/dynamicsNAV110/) but the client prefer windows to web, and I’m familiar with install SQL server 2016 management studio and Dynamics NAV 2018 on a single system. I want to install Dynamics NAV 2018 in there systems and configure to the server, SQL server 2016 management studio.

I need your assistance. Thanks

install just the client and configure the server settings when prompted…/installation-and-configuration-walkthroughs


Have filled in the Server with correct information but am confused with the Client info. And what should I fit it

Credential Type; Windows, User Name, Microsoft Dynamics NAV User Password, Access Control Service.

DNS Identity: …

Access Control Service URI: …

depends on the credential type you have chose for the server

I left it default, Client info.

I appreciate, thank you IMRAN