Installing Business Not.

Hi All I am already busy for several days to install Business Notification at a customers site. I already installed it succesfully on other systems. But this time no luck. The problem: After successfull installation (no errors etc.) I am able to connect to a server. I am also able to create a new event. I am able to complete it but when I try to start it in de Business Notification Manager I get an error that the event has caused an error and cannot start. In the even log on the server I get the following message: Specified cast is not valid. For more information, see Help and Support Center at The application is disabled. It must be enabled before any processing will occur. MBSBN BusinessNotificationInstance Other ComponentName: Driver for Application MBSBN 7 When I check the settings in Navision it is all correct, that is that the notifictaion are ENabled and the correct network type is set. Also for the NAS (Parameters in registry) the settings are correct. Anyone any idea? Regards. Mike.