Installation of the role centres with SSRS 2008

Dear all,

I’m struggling with the installation of the Role Centres and cannot make them up and running. The EP installation is ok, Reporting services are also working well. If I go directly to the Report Server, I can run the reports from there. But when it comes to the same report being embedded into the EP page – I get an error message:

An error occurred while trying to display the report from the Ledger.AccountantOperationalEfficiency.RoleCenter folder. This error was caused by the following exception: Cannot read information from SQL Server Reporting Services. Validate that the Report Manager URL is correct.

The validation of the report server inside AX client is ok.
I feel that there might be some authentication problems between EP and SSRS services.
Basically, I have enabled Kerberos for EP site and created SPN for SSRS service as per the installation guide. (But basically, I should admit I might have missed something)

But I have no idea, how to troubleshoot this issue As don’t have any reasonable messages in the event logs. (Maybe I just don’t know where to look?)

(The EP and SSRS are installed on different servers.
Both WIN 2008 SERVER R2. I use SSRS 2008 installation.
AX configuration is 2009 SP1, RU 6.)

Any help and ideas are much appreciated.


You need to configure Kerberos authentication this is documented in the EP installation documents. You must have missed a step I ahave gotten this error before and went back through the steps and it resolved itself.


First, do the most obvious step as it says, and validate the report manager URL. In AX, go to Admin>Setup>Business Analysis>Reporting Services>Reporting Servers. Click on the Report Manager URL, and then click the globe next to it.

Are you able to browse it? Typically it’s http://reportserver/Reports. It may take a few moments to load.

The correct report manager URL can be found from the Reporting Services Configuration Manager. This is located on the reporting server under Start>Programs>Microsoft SQL Server 2008>Configuration Tools>Reporting Services Configuration Manager, then under the “Report Manager URL”.

In the reporting manager, check the configuration there for the other pieces too.

If you think the issue may be Kerberos related, download KerbTray.exe to debug it. Incredibly handy and will save you a good deal of time.

Dear Alex,

The validation of the report manager is Ok in AX. I am also able to browse it in the WEB browser from anywhere, as well as from the my EP machine. I think the problem hides somewhere in the communication between EP and SSRS.

Maybe you could give some tips, how using the KerbTray, I could check if kerberos setup is ok? Actually, I asked our infra to enable it. They said, they they did, but I’d like to check it myself, but don’t know how. I should admit, I have some doubts regarding the set-up they did.

Thanks in advance.

hi aleksandras

did u find the solution ???

am also faceing the same issue like

if u found the solution pls share here


Did anyone find solution of this problem?

I am facing this issue. Please let me know asap. Thanks in advance.