Installation of Commerce Portal 2.65US

Hi all, I have this problem: “Trigger 99 in codeunit 1 does not exit. This trigger must be executed to establish connection the message bus” when I start the navision application server at the command line. Can anyone tell me what have I done wrong? Thank in advance.

When the Application Server starts up it looks for the method with ID 99 in Codeunit 1 of the database you point the Service at. If you are using Commerce Portal you need to import the objects( .fob files) before starting this service. Otherwise you need to create the method yourself (and make sure it has an ID property of 99) to do whatever you want it to do when the service starts. Check out the Commerce Portal and App. Server Documentation on the Product C.D’s for more info about COM components and BUS adapters. Nikolai L’Estrange Developer Ernst & Young New Zealand

After installation of Navision Application Server you need to do following: 1. You need to open your database with Windows authentication and select users. Give at least one user Super User role. 2. Under the Services on the server find service for Navision Application Server (actually you will find two new services- one for SQL database and one for Navision database. You need to disable service you don’t need, on the other service you have to change Log On As parameter. The service must accessing Navision database therefore must be started with user who has access to database. 3. Open the Navision Application Server Manager. Add new server with the same name as service name (usually computername-classic). Then fill out needed information for that Application server. For server name you need to write the name of your database server and for company name the name of the company in that database. For Start-Up parameter value you need to write down somethin that will identify your server. I usually write down NAS1. 3. Apply settings and start service.