installation errors Nav-5

Hi, I have to install dynamics-nav on several computers and laptops, and on some of them I get error messages. I am rather clueless on the cause of the problem since the error does not accur on machines there seem to be the same… obviously I am overlooking something. so far I have 2 laptops that give these messages.
any help would be appreciated!

windows: XP
MS Dyn.Nav 5.0 install

translation (i hope nothing gets lost): an error occures during the installation os assembly component {…}

thank you in advance for your help!

Hi. Did you ever resolve this issue?

thanks, Mark

There is another thread in this website. It’s in german.

Thanks. I used babelfish to translate. Appears from what I could read it is caused by a security issue.

To fix I logged in with the domain administrator account and completed the install. I also applied any outstanding fixes to the .net framework versions using windows update first, also using the admin account.

Thanks for your help

This is actually resolved!
the assembly-thing in the second pop-up message is a dotnet-something.You apparently get this error when dotnet is not installed on the client-computer, or when you have a dotnet-version 1.x, you need at least 2.x

installing or upgrading your dotnet should solve the problem
it did solve it for me anyway, for all computer that had this problem

I had installed dotnet 2 before attempting the install, so I think the combination of the domain admin account along with the hotfixes and updates to the various versions did the trick. It took me by suprise as i had no problems on 20 other machines.