install nav 2009 native db and access it from client machine

Hi all,

I want to install ms dynamics nav native database in a server without sql and access it through client machines. plz tell me

what is the exact procedure.

You don’t need SQL Server for the native database. Just create a database and install the NAV database server. See documentation for details.

hi babrown,

I install NAV database server and Classic client into machine. then create a database. but how can i access it from another machine. Plz tell me which documentation I have to refer?

Then you need to install the classic database server.

You need to use this installation guide for NAV 5.0, as they didn’t make a new one for NAV 2009.

Hi Erik,

I have installed C/SIDE database server in server machine. I have followed the steps given in wiwiism.pfd document.

When you install C/SIDE Database Server, a file called schemaXt.exe is copied into the### folder that contains C/SIDE Database Server.

Above phase is in wiwiism document. But i cannot find this schemaXt.exe file in the folder that contains C/SIDE database server.

Hi Erik,

I’m trying MS dynamics NAV 2009