Install 4.3 Objects to 5.1

Sorry, i couldn’t know where to post, we’re about to make an implementation to a costumer. We have a very similar costumer which uses the solution we developed, but they use 4.3 version. Our new costumer is going to use 5.1 version. How can i get all the objects in 4.3 and install them in 5.1 version without any data loss?

You need to export the customized objects from 4.03 and compare with 5.1 objects…

Is there any more practical way to do it? There are so many objects and i feel we can lose some data by export import, espacially in the c-side part of the project?

That is the reason I asked you only to export and compare and merge…

Its just like a upgradation…

That’s why Rashed told you on Mibuso to get someone involved who knows what they are doing. This is not a simple task that can be done by just anyone.

By the way, unless that development was done with the intention of reselling, it will be very difficult to extract just part of one customer’s functionality. You’re going to have to have someone who defines the requirement, so that the developer has something to decide what to include and what not to include. In my opinion, if this was NOT developed as an add-on, you are much better off starting from scratch and approaching it as a custom development project.

Be very careful, if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, these types of projects have a tendency to drag on for long periods of time.

The only time you would ever do anythign like this is if you have developed an Add-On (or Vertical solution) and wanted the new customer to use the new Add-On. If this were the case you would have already done this before and have objects certifed with Microsoft and of course you would have people in your company that know how to do this.

So assuming all this your question is very strange.

Why not start at the beginning and tell us what you are really trying to do and then maybe we can help. (And don’t mention objects or code to explain what you are trying to do, focus on the business need of the customer).